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A collection of mystery storiesy Night
Guardians of the Field
The Magic Hour
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"All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.” --Julian of Norwich



Regina Clarke is a fantasy, mystery, and science fiction writer.

Welcome to my website -- I'm glad you found it!

My stories come from an unexpected universe that often catches me unawares
with its mystery and images and beckoning worlds.

On my Blog many themes are explored, but two have center stage. The first is
"There Is Only the Heart," part of my Book of Souls, a guidebook to Spirit--how
what shows up in a life lived from the heart is evidence of Divine light in the
people we encounter, and in life as it presents itself to us, again and again. The
second is "Dispatches from Inner Space"--how to live with awareness of who we
are and what we are here for.

I really welcome and enjoy reading your comments, so do leave thoughts and
impressions on my Blog or Contact page.