Audio Excerpts

This page is devoted to my own reading of selections from the books and short stories. Thus, it is an informal sound medium, not from a studio. I hope to add two or three audio excerpts a week.

If you have a request for a reading in particular, just let me know!

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MARI (YA High Fantasy)



The Magic Hour (Mystery)screenhunter_4350-dec-30-11-20



Voices from the Old Earth (High Fantasy)



Gene Pool (Science Fiction)



screenhunter_4345-dec-30-11-12Retrieval (Science Fiction)



screenhunter_4346-dec-30-11-13The Visitors (Science Fiction)



screenhunter_4340-dec-30-11-06Guardians of the Field (High Fantasy)



screenhunter_4348-dec-30-11-16Winter’s Edge (Mystery)



screenhunter_4339-dec-30-11-05The Gatekeepers of Genthor (YA Medieval Fantasy)



screenhunter_4338-dec-30-11-05Force Field (Science Fiction)



Sela, Book I: The Abyss (Science Fiction, Time Travel)



screenhunter_4337-dec-30-11-05Banshee (Irish Fantasy)





The Daguerreotype (Time Travel, Science Fiction)



screenhunter_4349-dec-30-11-17The Winning of Olwen (Contemporary Romance collection–3 Stories)



screenhunter_4344-dec-30-11-11STOPOVER and Other Stories for a Rainy Night (Mystery Collection)