Images That Inspired Scenes



“Mystery” by Lauren Raine at See also: This image with its doors into the unknown was so exactly how it seemed to me my mind works–a feeling-tone. I am grateful to Lauren Raine for the freedom to use it.


MARI image -new with link

“RoadTrip 2,” a 3D digital painting by award-winning artist Steven Stahlberg. Four years ago someone gave me a cutout of it with no name or source. After searching a long time, I found it online July 7, 2013. He has let me use it here, which is a great joy. Though found after I had completed Voices from the Old Earth and MARI, its images seemed to me to have come from their pages. His work can be found at his website:


Pennsylvanian Coal Swamp GEO85637c--1

“Carboniferous Forest” ©The Field Museum, GEO85637c. This image appeared without a label on a search engine back in 2009 and mesmerized me. It represents the Earth 300 million years ago, in which the dragonfly first appeared with a wingspan of up to three feet. I tracked it down finally to The Field Museum in Chicago and purchased a print. Its appearance here is thanks to the permission of Christine Giannoni, Museum Librarian. A description of its ancient time span appears in my novel The Magic Hour.


Thomas Moran Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came 1859-2

“Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came” by Thomas Moran of the Hudson River School, 1859. It has long haunted me and inspired a fantasy plot sequence in The Magic Hour.