"All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.” --Julian of Norwich

The Gatekeepers of Genthor

The Gatekeepers of Genthor


A dark legacy is born into the land of Genthor.

On journeys into the forest of Aginmare, thirteen-year-old Gwendolen receives training in the art of the Esoteric, an ancient and secret path into Genthor’s alternate worlds. At home in the summer fields of Genthor, her sixteen-year-old brother Will trains in the longbow and seeks a life as a spiritual warrior. All seems ordinary and safe, until an intruder is discovered, a hidden force intent on revenge against their family, Genthor, and all the worlds it protects.

They must find a way to stop this enemy who long ago had been trapped and rendered powerless, or so it was believed.

Frightened and uncertain as they often feel, extraordinary help comes to them when they find themselves immersed in a dark journey into the mind of a killer. First there is Gideon, Will’s gerfalcon, who teaches him the power of silence in war. Then there is Ga Fael Fawr, the gatekeeper of the enchanted world of Aginmare, who gives Gwendolen a sword that is more than a weapon.

They must find the way soon, for it is clear the intruder has already crossed the barrier of the Esoteric, and broken the line between worlds.


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Book categories: Fantasy, Mystery, and Young Adult/Fantasy