"All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.” --Julian of Norwich

The Magic Hour

The Magic Hour


Before full night comes, when the air is indigo and objects less distinct, time and space can shift…this is the magic hour. For homicide detective Nathan Byrne, it is a time that signals chaos. As he tracks down art thefts connected to a murder in an abandoned mine, his head injury from a car accident triggers blackouts that pull him into the shadows of an alternate world, one that seems to be more than a hallucination.

Sent by his captain into a backwater small town in the Pacific Northwest to get his act together, Nathan finds himself drawn to the slower pace of life the town holds, to the work of solving a real-life murder with the local sheriff, and to Sela, an artist and preacher. But the blackouts continue and each time he is drawn deeper into the destiny of the alternate world called Elaimat whose leader, Naliv, tells him her world cannot survive without his help.

Nathan knows he needs to be healed, that surgery is the only way, but he resists. Yet as the border between the two worlds begins to merge, he is no longer sure he can remember which one is real.


“5 Great Books You Will Not Regret Reading in 2016”   Amerikanki  Book review by Catalina Shlenchak, Editor: Once you read one of [Regina’s] books, you will definitely add all of them to your home library. The Magic Hour is on my list right now and I’m sure it will be on yours too: “Before full night comes, when the air is indigo and objects less distinct, time and space can shift. This is the magic hour, and it reveals what is usually hidden…as homicide detective Nathan Byrne discovers. Losing control of his car, he crashes on an isolated road. He hears a voice call out and the next moment he is pulled into the alternate world of Elaimat.” What happened next will astonish you.

“I love a good detective story, I’m a fan of science fiction, and metaphysics is right up my alley…this book is all three…and more. Detective Nathan Byrne has three mysteries to solve…one in this world, a missing persons case, one in an alternate world that may be linked to the missing person, and the main mystery…is he losing his mind? The characters in both worlds are memorable, the detective’s feelings for them palpable, the relationships that develop compelling.”
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Book categories: Crime and Mystery/Fantasy