"All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.” --Julian of Norwich

The visitors



Jen Taverson is watching the Perseid meteor shower on a hot August night when the visitors, alien beings, arrive in the field before her in a strange, glowing formation.

Everyone she tells about it thinks she has had a hallucination, except Rob McCord, a former international photojournalist whose parents disappeared while looking for evidence of UFOs. The Hudson River Valley where they live has been a locus for sightings since the 1960s, especially the town of Pine Bush. They realize soon enough that the aliens are real.

The visitors have come seeking ancient markers in the earth for a portal that has been hidden for over a hundred million years and to prevent one of their own from reaching it.



The visitors takes you on an action packed journey right from the very start. The encounter with life forms from another world is told with such credibility that you can easily imagine yourself in the story. The beautifully researched background details about the Hudson River Valley make the setting interesting and engaging. The characters in the story are well rounded and memorable; especially Jen and Rob. Short enough to start and finish over a weekend, rich enough to want to read more than once. ★★★★  Amazon review

Great book for those interested in detective and metaphysical stories!
This book is great for those interested in a mixture of sci-fi detective suspense and metaphysical/UFO content. The author has a distinct way of writing dialogues that makes the reading flow really well. Above all, the story is intriguing and also amazingly detailed with a modern twist that incorporates the beautiful scenery and region of the Catskills mountains in upstate New York. A great read not only for fans of that historically rich region, but also phenomenal for mystery fans! Highly recommended! ★★★★  Amazon review
I liked it!
I enjoyed this book very much! It was suspenseful and it kept me intrigued. Thank you for a great read! ★★★  Amazon review


Book categories: Thriller/Science Fiction