"All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.” --Julian of Norwich

Voices from the Old Earth


A mysterious city is an enchanter across time, transforming the lives of those who journey through it–they who are the voices from the old earth.

For Simma, it exists on a distant planet where souls seem to disappear and her job is to recover them. For Beornan, creating the songs in his heart is all he wants, but he is seen as a demon because of them and must escape his village to find sanctuary in the city. For Roger Connay, a physicist, the city is a place of wheelers and dealers in high places where power and money are gods, and for a time he is one of them, until he is given the chance to encounter other probabilities. For Kai-lun and Ming, imminent attack of marauders against their peaceful life sends them into the desert and mountains to find the city and a treasure it holds, at the urgent demands of the old one, Ming’s mother.

For Enya, the narrator, the lost city was once her hope for a new world and is now a place that appears to her only in visions when she listens to ancient music. Out of this she hears the voices of the others telling her their stories, and because of them, she begins to seek a peace with old memories and who she is now.

Book categories: Metaphysical/Science Fiction