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What shows up in a life lived from the heart is evidence of the Divine light in the people we encounter, and in life as it presents itself to us, again and again.

“In My Father’s House Are Many Mansions”—Book of John, 14:2


"In My Father's House Are Many Mansions"

These words from the Book of John tell us we are not alone. Each one of us is entitled to a place, a life of our own, and yet we are connected together in the consolation and caring vibration of God—“my Father’s house”.

These are mansions of the soul. Each one holds a soul experiencing the energy of the universe, living in the image of God, and living for a little while on this complicated, precious Earth.

The concept of separation is an illusion. Even our scientists admit this, that everything is connected by what they call a zero point field—that we exist in multiple dimensions at once, that time and space are artificial, and that NOTHING exists apart from this—that to think anything is separate is to describe the impossible. They know this now, but our mystics and wise men and women have known it for millennia.

Yet we live day to day as if our world is separate from everyone else’s. It’s true, our individual experience is different, one from the other. But our connection stands with us, powered in a hidden form, but there. When we think or feel that something vital is missing, every part of us—body, mind, and spirit–are negatively affected. The sense we have lost connection is in fact our greatest fear, because we KNOW in our deepest self its presence and power are what sustain us.

In truth the only thing missing is our embrace of ourselves as evidence of God in every moment. We can stand aside and claim that for others, but too often we seem unable to do this for ourselves. Everything that brings us despair or anxiety comes from not having faith that we matter.

The truth lies in knowing we are never alone, and realizing that we are indeed here for a reason—as the manifestation of the infinite, expanding creativity of God. No matter what we do or how we act and think, that truth does not alter. We are blessed by God before we take our first breath. We are blessed at the moment of conception.

We make choices that do not seem to serve us, but those choices eventually bring us the very awareness and the learning that we need most. This life on Earth is a school, if you like, for the spirit, but one in which we are not judged or categorized in any way. The larger picture is not ours to know, but this much we can trust–we ARE created out of the very image of the divine, and as souls in human form we always reside in God’s “house”–as surely as you take a breath now.

Living in the Christ Consciousness


Christ Consciousness

The Christ Consciousness is a transformative power. The American prophet Edgar Cayce said this in a reading:

Question: What is the main purpose of this incarnation?
Answer: To glorify the Christ Consciousness in the earth — in the lives of those with whom ye come in contact, and to live the same thyself.
— Edgar Cayce Reading 2441-4

The Pattern of the Christ

The pattern of the Christ as we apply it in our lives reveals our awareness, our consciousness, of what it means to give service to God by how we treat those who cross our path. It registers at our deepest inner being, the heart of who we are. Cayce described this Christ pattern as the evidence of the oneness we have with God, for it gives us a way to enter a higher frequency of perception, and so accelerates our ability to feel compassion, to live with patience, and to offer kindness and love no matter what is going on.

Once we see in others the manifestation of God, evidence of the Christ Spirit, we give up judgment, resentment, and fear. We let go of the need to be “right,” and feel instead a freedom of spirit, a release from the inner demons of helplessness and powerlessness. We know instead that our job is to bring the actual living practice of this Christ Consciousness into all our encounters with others. We don’t choose who deserves our best self–we give it naturally because that is what we are–we become conduits, messengers, of the Christ Consciousness on earth.

How Does the Christ Consciousness Manifest?

This means simply we do not act with indifference, nor with violence–we do not speak with mockery nor disdain–and we do not yield to the ego’s need to defend itself by rejecting what we do not understand. We understand that we are first in God’s love, and that the same is true for everyone. No soul is left alone. The Christ Consciousness is the path of absolute acceptance of others as they are, not as we want them to be. As so many prophets and mystics have told us, “wanting” is lack and illusion. We are gifts of life, with all our flaws, for these very “flaws” are in truth manifestations of God’s infinite creative power, of a diversity that takes our breath away. Even a falling leaf is a creation to be revered. Everything is. We are meant to remember this.

What Then Must We Do?

In Luke it is written:

“And the people asked him [John the Baptist], saying, What shall we do then? He answereth and saith unto them, He that hath two coats, let him impart to him that hath none; and he that hath meat, let him do likewise. Then came also publicans to be baptized, and said unto him, Master, what shall we do? And he said unto them, Exact no more than that which is appointed you. And the soldiers likewise demanded of him, saying, And what shall we do? And he said unto them, Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely…

And as the people were in expectation, and …. mused in their hearts of John, whether he were the Christ, or not; John answered, saying unto them all, I indeed baptize you with water; but one mightier than I cometh: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire: Whose fan is in his hand, and he will thoroughly purge his floor, and will gather the wheat into his garner; but the chaff he will burn with fire unquenchable.”

The life of Jesus was the presence of the Christ Consciousness incarnate, and he said over and over that his awareness was one each of us could gain and gather–if we were willing to live with that awareness and accept it as our own.

It could be said this is too difficult, or that it takes a lifetime and more to accomplish if it is possible at all. True on both counts. But there is a third way. It is very simple. We say “Enough of the old energy of fear and separation that has consumed and driven me. I welcome the Christ Consciousness into my heart.”  And so it is.

What Being Overwhelmed by the Election Really Means


Tor Paulin--Kirlian (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

A dear friend of mine, Preeti Agnani, listened to me rail and rant about the election results and then she said to me “We all are powerful vibrational beings.” Her message went on to describe how we choose the emotions we experience. I knew this intellectually, but it was not working so well in my heart. I could not understand what to me seemed so disastrous an outcome. Then she said the Master Planner knows all, and would not let something happen that did not benefit humanity and this earth.

She is right. And in that moment, all my rage ended, my anger evaporated, my judgment of those who had voted for the winner disappeared. My next thought was that I could no more understand what had happened than could the birds in flight or the trees shedding their leaves, but then it occurred to me the trees and the birds very likely understood the vitality of life far better than I did. They had absolute faith that their presence and anything that happened to them was intended, and an act of grace.

In the end, in the larger picture we as yet cannot see, there is a plan of great purpose and it is one formed and extended out to us by this Master Planner. We are never left bereft–we only think we are, which is what brings to us the overwhelming feeling of despair, regret, and powerlessness, such as I felt. Yet these negative feelings are not our birthright. Our birthright is freedom. We are meant to feel inner freedom no matter what happens around us.

Mirrors of Our Intentions

Events are mirrors for us–opportunities to see more clearly, and to choose our way, instead of reacting to what appears so overwhelming in the moment. We are meant to thrive in the world, in our lives, in our whole being. We make a mistake if we think anything external to ourselves can stop our capacity to feel joy at any time. It is always there for us.

I have spent a lifetime learning such ideas and ideals, yet until now I did not fully absorb the validity of how we are meant to live, to AGREE, no matter what, that we had this  freedom of choice. The catalyst for me was the shock I felt at the election outcome, a feeling that was more traumatic than 9/11, because it signaled a vast division and separation in my country–and in me. I had no idea how to move forward. I was choosing every hour–every minute–to stay inside that sense of utter futility. There seemed no way out of it.

Yet it was STILL an ongoing matter of personal choice to accept that state or to change it. In every moment I continued to have the freedom to choose my course and mindset and emotions.  I had only to look into what was and is, accept that what happened had its own trajectory, one that did not belong to me directly, and allow my own path to unfold again.

I have always loved the biblical verse from 1 Corinthians 13:12:

For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

I will never choose again to enter that feeling of despair and outrage. I know its source–I know it grew out of an immense caring for others and this world–but the feeling that manifested of despair and outrage served no purpose–brought no relief–changed nothing.

Let It Go

The truth is we can only change ourselves. We do this by allowing the feeling of being overwhelmed to exist–it is our human aspect, after all, to feel emotions–but to give it the briefest duration, and then let it go. Emotions are not intended physiologically to endure. As I wrote in an earlier post–every emotion has a life span of 90 seconds at the cellular level. This is confirmed by science. When we let go of a negative emotion, we stop circling in an endless loop, in the lost and helpless state of mind and heart that overtakes us. When we allow positive feelings, they are signaled by light in the cell. This is true of all living things–like the kirlian photograph of a leaf shown above.

We drop that negative emotion as if it is a stone heated in a fire and placed in our hands. We let go of anything that brings us down, that makes us feel powerless. We say instead what my friend Preeti said, that we are powerful vibrational beings who can send ripples out into the world and effect the changes that matter to us. We do this by focusing on our own gifts, our own caring, our own compassion.

Another Way

I often consider this verse in my posts, from 1 Timothy 4:14:

Do not neglect the gift that is in you.”

When we yield to despair, to feeling helpless, to being overwhelmed–when we let these emotions stay with us–there is no way our inherent, innate, creative,  and unique gifts can be expressed. They are instead shadowed and crowded out by grief, by anger, by sadness, and by fear of what will come. Far better that we allow into our heart and mind the joy that does belong to us, the peace that is always within us–that we can ask to meet in silence–and the awareness of our extraordinary spirit.

For we are indeed spiritual beings having a human experience. And we are meant to honor that by the compassion, joy, and creative force we bring to every moment. That is our power.

We are intended to be here. We are an act of grace.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt


Eleanor Roosevelt

This is a hard one. But Eleanor Roosevelt knew what she was talking about. The former First Lady ranked in the top nine most widely admired people of the twentieth century. Her legacy, one among many, was to tell us “The choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.” Yet her life was far from an easy one. Her experiences led her also to tell us this: “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ “

How Others Can Make Us Feel

Perhaps the most frequent, and psychologically damaging, event we can experience is to have other people try to make us feel inferior to them. Parents, teachers, friends, and our peers have enormous  influence on our state of happiness–if we let them. We can feel good about ourselves and the careless disparaging or mocking words of someone else can change our state immediately for the worse–if we let them. We can feel genuine and deserved excitement at our achievements and yet the words of critics can sink our enthusiasm–if we let them.


The foundation of why we let other people affect our state of mind and heart lies in our willingness to forfeit our own life to theirs, symbolically, at least. We worry so much about being accepted that we are often willing to pay a high price for that approval. Sometimes we are aware of doing this. Many times we are not, until some event or crisis changes our perception.

In truth, our concern about what others think and feel toward us occupies way too much of our time. That kind of worry is like living a half life for the duration we spend immersed in it. It yields nothing for us–except distraction. It solves no problem. It does not enhance our life, or move us forward.

Others Have No Power Over Us

If we were aliens come to earth to study the species, how would we see this negative behavior in which earthlings spent time making others feel less important, less significant, less valued? Step back and imagine you are the observer, not the participant. The first, the most primary question you would ask is why people put up with it.

It’s a good question. We don’t have to. We cannot always stop others from careless or even cruel behavior, but we can stop ourselves from reacting to it.

A Way Into Freedom

Weakness is not being less–no one is “less” than anyone else–weakness is reacting with negative emotion to whatever is going on. We don’t have to do that.

When we understand this, we are free. Exactly what these very powerful words of Eleanor Roosevelt are telling us.

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Your Authentic Self–What Were Your Earliest Interests?


Authentic Self

It is said that you experience your most authentic nature–your truest self–when you follow a path that matches your earliest traits and inclinations. Why? As children we are close to God, free of the limitations that come upon us all too fast later on as we try to fit in with the rules and behaviors both our families and our society desire and intend for us. Because of this, as children we are able to let our creative power express itself effortlessly. And what draws our attention most is always something that resonates not only with our soul purpose in life, but also within our heart.

All Too Often the Wrong Message Shuts Down Creativity

Many years ago a journalist wrote a story about his daughter, who was in first-grade. She  had brought home a drawing she had done in school. He wasn’t sure what it was, for it consisted of wide sweeping streaks of blue and green and in the center a patch of white, but looking at it he felt joy run through him, a lightness of being. To his chagrin, though, he had to ask his daughter what it was, and she just laughed and said “Why, it’s a sailboat in the wind!”

The next day he looked for the drawing to show to a friend but it wasn’t on the refrigerator door.


How Do You Measure Your Self-Worth?



We spend a great amount of time comparing ourselves with others. It is a habit that can strangle our motivation, our optimism, our belief in who we are, our feelings of self-worth. And it is a habit to ditch—NOW.


Not only will no good come of it, no advantage or progress forward, but more to the point, comparing yourself with others is a sign you have given away your personal power.

What Exactly Does That Mean?

When you meet other people or spend time with them, you may express your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas—or you may not. How do you know if that is a matter of personal choice and preference, or if you are giving up your true identity, where your power lives? You are relinquishing personal power if you:

  • Say things in order to please someone else when the words do not match your own values and opinions.
  • Take actions to satisfy someone else’s agenda at the expense of doing what matters to you.
  • Pretend to enjoy someone’s company to fit in.
  • Fail to describe your own creative works so as not to be seen as standing out or too enthusiastic.
  • Doubt your right to exist, in some deep way, believing you have not earned or proven your worth.
  • Let someone else speak for you.
  • Stay stuck in one place to stay safe, even when it means you are giving up what you love.

The thing is, YOU ARE ALREADY WORTHY. You always have been. You were given life for that very reason. As an infant you arrived with absolute faith in your life-force. And that life-force never leaves you, never disappears.

So What’s Going On?


What Do Golden Retrievers Know That We Don’t?


My golden retriever Max

In this link to a marvelous video, a crowd of golden retrievers has just been dropped off at the local swimming hole.

13 Golden Retrievers + 1 River = 46 Seconds Of Absolute Zen 

It is impossible not to smile watching them play in the water. What do they know that we don’t?

They have three things going for them: they really like to have fun, they love the water, and they don’t have a quarrel with each other. Plenty of room for everybody. It doesn’t occur to them not to like each other–that’s not in their nature. A more loving dog doesn’t exist on the planet–I’d take that to court.

It’s also impossible after the video ends not to wish we–humans, specifically–could do the same thing. We step fast into ego, not out of it, somewhere around the age of six years. Before then, we’re golden retriever material.

After age six we spend most of our life coping with that ego, and we usually let it rule–after all, we’re here to win, succeed, achieve, make lots of money (or try to), and make sure the other guy or gal doesn’t get there first. OR we use that ego to manipulate others in an active-passive way. OR we spend an inordinate amount of time self-absorbed. We make friends, but too often have conditions attached. We can get carried away by–and feed on–our own grievances. We can hold on to negative memories with a tenacity long after the events have ended.

You have to wonder why. Why let that ego rule? Self-defense? Self-doubt? It definitely isn’t because we’re sure of much.

Back to the golden retrievers. They smile with their whole body, mind, and spirit. They can’t help it. There’s no self-consciousness, no one-upmanship, no desperation, no competition. Just a sheer exuberance for living, and for being here on this earth.

Here’s a thought. Spend one hour sometime this week letting yourself feel only exuberance for life, nothing else. Think of it as a gift to yourself. If an hour seems too long, try it for fifteen minutes. If you do, leave a comment–tell the outcome. It just might make someone smile…

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Illuminations of Spirit


Illuminations of Spirit

Infinite Variation

If we do not look for the infinite variation that surrounds us, we are closing ourselves off from illuminations of spirit that can bring the awareness we are never alone, or separate, or lost. The truth is that we are always being given guidance and we are always being loved by All That Is.

Evidence of this lies in our unique selfhood, which in its vitality illuminates our days and has been offered to us as a gift. It is confirmed when we allow ourselves to feel compassion toward the unique vitality of each other and of all the creatures of the earth.

Allowing Grace

Our being here is no accident, and our life purpose is no mystery. Our job is simple–allowing God’s grace into our life however it shows up, and letting it work in us and through us.

Some believe we must do remarkable things to be of value, reach some kind of celebrity in our field, as if that way we know we are significant. It isn’t so. Every day there is a reason we exist, something only we can do, and the hard part is often allowing ourselves to enter that path. What if it ends in obscurity? 

But there is no obscurity in a child of God. Not ever. Our human perception can merge with divine perception on the spin of a dime. We only have to say yes.

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Thoreau’s Reflections in “Walking”


Thoreau's Reflections in "Walking"

Thoreau’s reflections in “Walking” give us such a clear vision of the sacred experience of being in the natural world, and more, of being free in our soul, and knowing who we are.

It was the precursor to Walden and influenced Ralph Waldo Emerson and early environmentalists. He wrote this in 1851 for a lecture at the Concord Lyceum. What I would give for a time machine to go back there and listen.

Excerpt from Thoreau’s “Walking”

“We had a remarkable sunset one day last November. I was walking in a meadow, the source of a small brook, when the sun at last, just before setting, after a cold, gray day, reached a clear stratum in the horizon, and the softest, brightest morning sunlight fell on the dry grass and on the stems of the trees in the opposite horizon and on the leaves of the shrub oaks on the hillside, while our shadows stretched long over the meadow eastward, as if we were the only motes in its beams. It was such a light as we could not have imagined a moment before, and the air also was so warm and serene that nothing was wanting to make a paradise of that meadow. When we reflected that this was not a solitary phenomenon, never to happen again, but that it would happen forever and ever, an infinite number of evenings, and cheer and reassure the latest child that walked there, it was more glorious still.

The sun sets on some retired meadow, where no house is visible, with all the glory and splendor that it lavishes on cities, and perchance as it has never set before–where there is but a solitary marsh hawk to have his wings gilded by it, or only a musquash looks out from his cabin, and there is some little black-veined brook in the midst of the marsh, just beginning to meander, winding slowly round a decaying stump. We walked in so pure and bright a light, gilding the withered grass and leaves, so softly and serenely bright, I thought I had never bathed in such a golden flood, without a ripple or a murmur to it. The west side of every wood and rising ground gleamed like the boundary of Elysium, and the sun on our backs seemed like a gentle herdsman driving us home at evening.

So we saunter toward the Holy Land, till one day the sun shall shine more brightly than ever he has done, shall perchance shine into our minds and hearts, and light up our whole lives with a great awakening light, as warm and serene and golden as on a bankside in autumn.”


Blessed Journey


blessed Journey

Life is a blessed journey that appears in a series of moments, for the NOW is all there is. We dwell on the past, but in truth, there is only the present moment that is lived, and it is our point of power. Try to hold time for an instant, feel and experience all sight and sound and nuance of sensation and perception for one moment, consciously, by giving it your complete and utter attention—focus, concentrate on this—and the act of doing so sings you into the present fully, and for a fleeting fraction of your experience you know you are eternal in manifestation. Poets call it epiphany. It is what Wordsworth is describing in his poem “Intimations of Immortality.”