This page shows events past and present for showcasing my writing, including being a contest finalist and having a story read on the podcast The Strange Recital. More to follow!


MARI: The Joraghi appear invincible. Something has given them a greater strength. They ride where before they could not, and destroy with a white light no one has ever heard of. They burn whole cities to the ground in a day, and there are no survivors. They do the bidding of Yarok-Mas, who seeks a power hidden in the land of Chaimara, home of thirteen-year-old Mari.

It is the legend of the Ilmat-Mor that drives him, so Mari’s guardian tells her, but not before they have left everything she knows and begun a journey into a Chaimara she never knew existed. For Mari holds a fragment of the Ilmat-Mor, the gift of a storyteller who came like a wraith out of the desert. Strangers help her, some intense and some frightening, all of them unpredictable. Still others she encounters seem already aware of her purpose. Those hunting her want what she has and will not stop until they get it.

When Mari bands with a small group of rebels who live in the mountains of Dromgorden, the truth of the gift is revealed to her, and so is the destiny that waits.

UPCOMING PODCAST on A Strange Recital–(January 2017)–for my short story “Calliope.”


“We’re pleased to announce that The Strange Recital is now included in an app called The Podcast Source, available at Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, and Windows Phone marketplaces. And remember, you can also hear us at all these locations: iTunesStitcherSoundcloudGoogle Play MusicFacebook.”


Great review of the book!! To read the rest, go HERE…

The Winning of Olwen