“In My Father’s House Are Many Mansions”—Book of John, 14:2


"In My Father's House Are Many Mansions"

These words from the Book of John tell us we are not alone. Each one of us is entitled to a place, a life of our own, and yet we are connected together in the consolation and caring vibration of God—“my Father’s house”.

These are mansions of the soul. Each one holds a soul experiencing the energy of the universe, living in the image of God, and living for a little while on this complicated, precious Earth.

The concept of separation is an illusion. Even our scientists admit this, that everything is connected by what they call a zero point field—that we exist in multiple dimensions at once, that time and space are artificial, and that NOTHING exists apart from this—that to think anything is separate is to describe the impossible. They know this now, but our mystics and wise men and women have known it for millennia.

Yet we live day to day as if our world is separate from everyone else’s. It’s true, our individual experience is different, one from the other. But our connection stands with us, powered in a hidden form, but there. When we think or feel that something vital is missing, every part of us—body, mind, and spirit–are negatively affected. The sense we have lost connection is in fact our greatest fear, because we KNOW in our deepest self its presence and power are what sustain us.

In truth the only thing missing is our embrace of ourselves as evidence of God in every moment. We can stand aside and claim that for others, but too often we seem unable to do this for ourselves. Everything that brings us despair or anxiety comes from not having faith that we matter.

The truth lies in knowing we are never alone, and realizing that we are indeed here for a reason—as the manifestation of the infinite, expanding creativity of God. No matter what we do or how we act and think, that truth does not alter. We are blessed by God before we take our first breath. We are blessed at the moment of conception.

We make choices that do not seem to serve us, but those choices eventually bring us the very awareness and the learning that we need most. This life on Earth is a school, if you like, for the spirit, but one in which we are not judged or categorized in any way. The larger picture is not ours to know, but this much we can trust–we ARE created out of the very image of the divine, and as souls in human form we always reside in God’s “house”–as surely as you take a breath now.

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