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“There’s intrigue, duplicity, mind games, and military mayhem that kept me turning pages long past my bedtime. There’s also incredible love and loyalty within both casts of characters. I love this book. When my ship comes in I will buy the rights and back the movie.”★★★★★

“It was a pleasure to read and follow the plot that takes you into another dimension. Getting to know the characters and immersing into their roll in the story. A recommend read for those who like the unknown we call our universe.” ★★★★★


“Epic is what comes to minds after reading this engaging tale of a young woman on a journey of self discovery. The intelligent and original plot will appeal to both adult and adolescent readers. There are complex twists and turns right up to the very last page. The intensely descriptive writing style dazzles and makes amazing mystical places come alive. If I could change just anything; it would be to elaborate a bit more on what the future holds for Mari and add a bit of romance. Maybe I will just have to wait for the sequel.” ★★★★★

“From the wisdom in Widsith’s cave, to the frightening Joraghi warriors who can only be defeated by a Keeper, this book has something for everyone who wants to be carried away to a place where bravery counts, where an open mind is a must, and where coming of age really means coming into your power. Mari’s journey unfolds not only when she’s awake, but while she sleeps, and I really believe that’s true for us all. So I will leave you with this quote from her story: “You are asleep and you are awake, both. And both create you—without one there is no life, and without the other there is no purpose.” ★★★★★


“This writer placed me alone in a vast desert, locked me in an asylum where cures and sabotage were in a life and death struggle, and took me inside seemingly troubled minds that revealed exciting dimensions. I read it twice.” ★★★★★


“5 Great Books You Will Not Regret Reading in 2016”   Amerikanki  Book review by Catalina Shlenchak, Editor: If you have been following Amerikanki for a while, you may remember Regina’s fantastic articles. No doubts, she has incredible writing skills. But once you read one of her books, you will definitely add all of them to your home library. The Magic Hour is on my list right now and I’m sure it will be on yours too: “Before full night comes, when the air is indigo and objects less distinct, time and space can shift. This is the magic hour, and it reveals what is usually hidden…as homicide detective Nathan Byrne discovers. Losing control of his car, he crashes on an isolated road. He hears a voice call out and the next moment he is pulled into the alternate world of Elaimat.” What happened next will astonish you.

I love a good detective story, I’m a fan of science fiction, and metaphysics is right up my alley…this book is all three…and more. Detective Nathan Byrne has three mysteries to solve…one in this world, a missing persons case, one in an alternate world that may be linked to the missing person, and the main mystery…is he losing his mind? The characters in both worlds are memorable, the detective’s feelings for them palpable, the relationships that develop compelling. ★★★★★


“Almost like living the story with the characters. Likable character (mostly!). A different take on the old story with a very different motives for a change. Well worth the time!” ★★★★★